Our Story


About Bright Life Studio

Bright Life Studio was created for a variety of reasons: it’s an online portfolio, we are weird and love projects, it’s what writers do, etc. But, those reasons all come secondary to the values that we strongly believe at Bright Life Studio.

It’s hard for women to be. To be petitely placed within a perfect mold of societal womanhood.

So, that’s really why we crafted this blog to be Bright Life Studio. To be a bright light that shines in any area of life, in any trial of life, in any space. To give women (and guys, too) the space to try and fail and succeed. To attempt recipes and workouts and whatever fearlessly and boldly.

Boldly by you.

About the Authors

Katy is a marketing consultant who lives and breathes projects and deadlines. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of creating something and seeing it take off. It’s the ultimate passion-sharing career. She has a background in social media, writing, and photography and works in comfy pants daily. She’s married to a handsome apprentice lineman who loves making her laugh, encouraging her to dream bigger, and scaring her for kicks and giggles.

Meredith is a writer and storyteller who is addicted to learning about practically everything. Currently working for her alma mater (but hot on the trails of her next gig, if you’re interested), Meredith is consistently drawn to complicated stories where people, passion, and major events intersect. An INTJ who likes people, she splits her time between the office, the kitchen, CrossFit, and whatever book is at the top of her list. She’s also a big sister and an aunt and shares her siblings’ YouTube channel every chance she gets.

Twitter: @Meredith_Sell

Kyla Carneiro has been fiddling with crafting scraps since her first bout with boredom as a child. Now, she DIYs at home when her space needs sprucing and in the kitchen when hunger strikes. She writes, podcasts, and travels whenever she can.

Find her on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat @kylacarneiro.