No Gym? No Problem!

No Gym? No Problem!
Part 1: 3 Equipment-Free Workouts You Can Do Anywhere
[Meredith Sell]

Whether you’re on the road, stuck at home, or simply too cheap to buy a gym membership, these workouts can get your heart pumping and your muscles burning. Just remember, you’ve got to push yourself. The comfort zone is not your friend.

Note: Warm up before every workout. We recommend a quick 400-meter jog followed by some dynamic stretching.

Workout 1: Five rounds of 30 jumping jacks, 15 pushups, and 20 lunges.

All you need for this workout is a solid place to jump. A floor that won’t shake the whole house, a patio, or a parking lot will all work fine (though a parking lot may not be the best option for your pushups).

How it works: After completing a quick warm-up, start your watch and your internal engines. Do 30 jumping jacks, then 15 pushups, then 20 lunges. Rinse and repeat for a total of five times through all of the reps.


  • Keep moving. If you have to take a break, limit it by immediately beginning to count down from five (preferably) or ten. Start back in as soon as the countdown is up.
  • If you get stuck on the pushups, slow them down. Do real pushups for as long as possible and take breaks between reps to shake out your arms. Only do pushups from your knees if absolutely necessary.
  • With the lunges, focus on your form. Keep your torso upright and don’t let your front knee go beyond your toes. Keep everything in line and push yourself up with your front leg.

Workout 2: Ten 100-meter sprints with 10 situps and 5 burpees (alternating) between each sprint.

Stake out a spot on the road, at a park, or on a school track to run 100 meters straight without having to stop for traffic. Running in grass is allowed (try grass running in your bare feet!).

How it works: Set up at one end of your 100-meter track. Get your timer ticking and take off for the opposite end. After your first sprint, drop to the ground and do 10 situps. Then, get back up, sprint to the other end, and complete five burpees. Repeat until you’ve run a total of 10 sprints and done your last set of burpees.


  • Focus on making your sprints fast and efficient. Use your arms to drive yourself forward and keep your steps neat. No sloppy knees or flailing elbows.
  • Go hard during the sprints. Catch your breath during the situps and burpees.
  • During your situps, do your best to keep your back straight. Don’t slouch when you get to the top. Keep your head up and your shoulders back.
  • Slow down for the burpees. Your goal here is to just keep moving — then fire off into the next sprint.

Workout 3: Twelve 10-meter bear crawls with 15 jumping squats and 10 pushups (alternating) between each crawl.

Similar to the sprint circuit, this workout requires a 10-meter length of interrupted space where you can crawl on your hands and feet. Make sure to add some inchworms to your warmup to make sure your whole body is awake and ready.

How it works: After marking your 10-meter space, start at one end and bear crawl to the other end. Once there, stand all the way, drop into a squat, and jump up from the bottom of your squat position 15 times. Bear crawl back to the other end and complete 10 pushups. Repeat for a total of 12 bear crawls, ending after your final set of pushups.


  • Actively engage your core throughout each bear crawl. Your back should be active and your hips and stomach should not drop toward the ground at any point.
  • Be sure of your footing during the jumping squats. Place your feet at least shoulder-width apart and drop slowly into your first squat before starting the jumping portion of the movement. Keep your torso upright and be sure to engage your glutes along with your thighs.
  • Again, slow down the pushups if necessary, but do your best to stick with real pushups, no knees on the ground. Keep your elbows close to your side and focus on slowly letting yourself down.

Too hard?

All of these workouts can be adjusted down based on your fitness level. We recommend aiming for the complete workout and scaling down the number of reps once you get into it. But don’t scale down too quickly — you might just surprise yourself.



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