Make Your Own Mug

Make Your Own Mug
[Katy Horst]

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I think everyone should have a special cup. Something to sip coffee or tea in. Something that functions as a catalyst for a moment of peace.

There are a lot of things going on the world that deserve attention more than a special cup, but I can’t help but think that those moments we look forward to, the ones where we can reflect and enjoy the silence are the times that make the world a little better.

So next time you are in a pinch for a DIY project or want to create something unique to give as a gift to a millennial, this craft is for you: a customized mug. Grab your oven (as one does), a plain ceramic mug, and a black permanent marker and here we go.

Step 1 –

Wash the mug. Just make sure the gunk (sticker residue, dust, etc) is off of it before you start Step two.

Step 2 –
Uncap your marker and go for it. Draw your little heart away by designing whatever it is that will make the recipient smile. If you’re a self-proclaimed “self-doodler”, use some of these cute stencils. I always suggest just using a black permanent marker because once the mug goes into the oven other colors are often distorted by the heat. A regular permanent marker will do. So keep it simple, clean, and cute.

Step 3-
Once you’ve decorated the mug with your marker, it’s time to put the mug into the oven. Let the mug sit in the oven while it preheats so the mug can adjust to the heat as the oven warms.

I’ve heard that sometimes when you place the mug into the already heated oven that it ends up cracking due to the stark adjustment of temperature. So, by placing your mug in the oven and letting it heat up while the oven temperature climbs, you’ll reduce your chance of cracking the mug.

Leave in the oven for 40 minutes in total (including pre-heat time) at 450 degrees. Please note that if you use a lot of ink on your design then it may take a little longer in the oven. Let it cool before you take it out. To confirm your mug is complete after it cools, see if it’s dry to the touch. No residue? It’s done!
Ta-da! Made boldly by you <3

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