Make Your Own Adventure Fund

Make Your Own Adventure Fund
[Kyla Carneiro]

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Adventures are vital to fully experiencing life, and they form in different ways. Your adventure could be learning, falling in love, taking chances; mine is traveling to see places, hear people, and take in sights not found at home. Travel is my real life, and work just pays for it. When my husband and I were dating, we wanted to set a high standard for ourselves in saving our money to spend on adventures. So we created Adventure Funds to collect our spare change so we could one day cash them in for an adventure we’d take together.

Make yours now and start saving for your next adventure!

What you’ll need:

Step 1. Clean your jar and remove any price or brand stickers. Dry completely.

Step 2. Here’s where you can go nuts! Gather words and images for the jar that represent the adventure you’re saving for. I kept mine simple because I wasn’t sure what trips we would take, but if I were making one today, I’d add on Iceland landscapes and colorful Holland homes, Lake Michigan boating and campfires: places that I love and places I hope to one day visit.

Decorate your jar with what will inspire and motivate you to drop your change inside. Once you’ve arranged everything, glue the pieces with a brush of modge podge, then cover it all with at least one layer of modge podge for protection.

Step 3. Once the modge podge dries, your adventure fund is ready to receive your spare change! Display it front and center so you’ll never forget where your extra cash should go first and because it was made boldly by you.

We loved tossing our change into these adorable, decorated jars and displaying them with hope. After 3 years of saving, we cashed in our Adventure Funds and are planning our first trip to Iceland!

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