What Kyla Thinks (About Lively’s Mesh-Trim No Wire Bra)

What Kyla Thinks (About Lively’s Mesh-Trim No Wire Bra)
[Kyla Carniero]

Lively is a new online lingerie company with a few special twists. They blew up my Facebook feed until I finally caved, which admittedly did not take long and neither did checking out with three bras in my digital shopping cart. Two of the three bras were on backorder, so I’ll start by reviewing the company itself and the one bra I have received.

You can tell right away by their website that they’re trying to make the arduous, frustrating task of bra shopping as smooth as digitally possible. Photos of women in all their bras, each a different build and bra size, help you visualize what wearing the bra might actually be like. You must check out their fit guide to see. I was relieved to be greeted by these “normal” women instead of the repeating 32C ladies in a neat row, desperately trying to be sexy.


What truly drew me to this site was one ad, an add that promised bralettesbusty bralettes. Being a busty lady, bralettes from places like aerie, Victoria’s Secret, and Macy’s don’t offer me coverage or comfort, my top two requirements. I’ll be reviewing Lively’s busty bralettes when mine arrives, but what did arrive was the toasted almond Mesh Trim No-Wire in a 36DD.

When the bra arrived, I “Oohed” and “Ahhed” over the packaging. The pink box magnetically closes, so you can absolutely repurpose it for adorable storage; a small muslin bag comes with for more reusable storage. The prepaid return shipping label is tucked inside a folder, along with your receipt. Prepaid return shipping is vital when buying bras online; I don’t buy bras online unless that’s provided because I’m not going to keep anything that doesn’t fit amazingly well! Like what happened with this bra.

I loved the natural shape/look this bra gave me. My chest wasn’t shoved up to my chin or shaped into perfect balls. I prefer my chest to appear natural, while of course having it supported enough that I’m comfortable. This one accomplished that, as well as being low-cut without me falling out! I loved that I could wear this bra with a low shirt without having to worry the bra was going to show or that my chest would get loose. Another great feature of this bra is that the straps adjust in the front! Why don’t all bras do this? Makes a quick adjustment easier and more stealthy.

As I hinted above, I did not keep this bra. I quickly used that prepaid shipping label because it wasn’t comfortable enough for me. The bra dug into my rib on one side. It wasn’t that I had too small of a band size (I usually purchase a 34DDD, but they do not carry that size), so I’m not sure why the bra did this. The bra also shows through clingy shirts (you can see it in my photo above). It just wasn’t what I was looking for, but I’m grateful to have been able to try it without losing any money.


Lively’s pricing system is an interesting part of their buying experience. Each bra is $35, which is already affordable, but every additional bra is then $20, up to three at a time. So if you buy three bras, the total will be $75, but if you buy four, the fourth will be full price. You can quickly get free shipping if you buy at least two items, so no fear of losing money to test out a few styles.


I definitely recommend Lively as a company, but not this bra. Find out how their other styles compare in my next review!

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