Girl Boss Highlight: So It’s A Show

Girl Boss Highlight: So It’s A Show
[Kyla Carniero]

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You might not get our show’s name right away, but that’s part of the allure. We’re in the business of explaining references, after all.

So it’s a show? is my podcast, which I co-host and produce with Taylor Blake, a writer/marketer from St. Louis. We met in college, but never went past friendly hellos in passing. Fast-forward three years later, I thought up our show’s concept, took a leap and asked Taylor via Facebook messenger if she’d like to host a podcast with me, and here we areten episodes and a solid friendship later.

I fell in love with podcasts when Meredith Sell (she also writes on this blog) introduced me to the grandmother of podcasts, This American Life, becoming my gateway to wonders like Death, Sex & Money, Serial, Another Round, and so many more. My full-time job was interested in having their own show, and it fell into my lap, immediately becoming the best part of my routine. But it wasn’t quite enough for me.

With a 40-hour a week gig, I knew if I was going to host another show on my off time, it needed to be something light and fun that would make myself and others laugh. I thought of my favorite show Gilmore Girls, and my love for watching off-beat movies and discovering new/old TV shows. That’s when it hit me. These characters spew off pop culture references that fly right past me, so what if I hosted a show that explained these? So I enlisted a co-host (because who wants to listen to only one perspective?), and got recording.

I waited months to contact Taylor in part because producing another podcast was intimidating, but mostly because I really only knew Taylor through her social media feeds and didn’t want a rejection. Instead of rejection, I got a passionate partner and pretty cool friend. The risk was worth it. Your friends aren’t always going to be the perfect fit for your great idea, so don’t be afraid to find someone who is.

I didn’t know how smooth recordings would be, how quickly I could edit the audio, or how often we’d release episodes. These questions couldn’t be answered until after we started, and that’s often true for new projects. We dove in with blinders on, and So it’s a show? has flowed naturally from trial and error. I’ve worked on this show with the mantra Done is better than perfect. I decided to just go for it and improve with each episode.

Our research is whatever we want it to be. We watch the movie or TV show or listen to music from a referenced musician. I love watching interviews with cultural influencers in my spare time anyway (I know, nerd alert!), and Taylor writes/reads reviews like mad, so that’s how we prep for our show. Our podcast represents our loves, and creating it only involves those same interests.

Each episode, we choose one pop culture reference from a Gilmore Girls episode, working our way from the pilot onward. We experience the pop culture ourselves, then share our thoughts and research about it, deciding in the end how it fits into the world of Gilmore Girls.

The show title is an early line from the show in season one and is used in lots of Gilmore Girls merchandise. The characters might be talking about an entirely different show, but the sentiment is shared among GG fans.

So it’s a show? Yeah, but it’s also our life.


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