Girl Boss Highlight: Coach Amy Snow

Girl Boss Highlight: Coach Amy Snow
[Amy Snow]

I love coming alongside people in their journey. 

That has been true my whole life, through my athletic career and involvement with numerous teams, and especially as I chose careers since completing graduate school. The leap of becoming an entrepreneur was one I never anticipated or dreamt I would take, yet I’m on this adventurous roller coaster ride.

My initial jump into the entrepreneurial journey came after leaving a career of almost 17 years. As you can imagine, it was a huge shift and it was a bit rocky, at times. 

Many entrepreneurs quit when they don’t see success right away, and that’s a shame. Success is an uphill journey and requires perseverance, grit, stamina and a willingness to learn from mistakes and failures. If lessons are learned, it’s not a loss at all but goes to serve us and others. This is one of many ways I see all that I gained as an athlete being played out to keep me peddling up that entrepreneurship mountain.

Another reason I kept going was that early on I experienced firsthand of one of the benefits of being an entrepreneur: freedom. Nine months after I began this journey my dad had a stroke and I was able to travel home to upstate NY multiple times to help Mom care for him and help get them moved to Michigan so they could be closer to family (my oldest sister lives there). I then was able to visit them more frequently over the next three years before he passed away last July. Freedom is a priceless gift I treasure because it gives me precious time with my family.

As I said above, I love coming alongside people in their journey. I have been a coach in different capacities over the course of my life…on the athletic field, as a teacher, as a communication coach, in ministry, and various other capacities. When a friend of mine asked me to join him in his leadership coaching business, I went for it. This was yet another opportunity that did not pan out the way I had envisioned or how it had been promised to me.

And, I won’t lie, it was really discouraging, so much so that I sought out a friend who was an executive coach to ask for some help. She offered me some coaching (in return, she suggested I give her daughter guitar lessons…loved that! You gotta be creative when the resources are limited She saw me investing in her daughter as a very equal trade). I was blown away at how after just one meeting, she instilled such hope in me! She affirmed how being a life coach/leadership coach would be a great fit. I agreed but said I just hadn’t been in the right environment. Her next suggestion was to get certified.

Within a week, I found the John Maxwell Team, and I knew I had found the best fit for me to become a certified coach and leadership trainer and speaker.  Then the journey to figure out what my niche would be was upon me, which took about six months to figure out. But, I love where it brought me!

As a former Division I soccer player and a lifelong participant in sports, I love what being an athlete has done for me in every aspect of my life. In fact, I believe it actually helped prepare me for life. While I imagined the transition from my sport would be hard, I didn’t know how hard until I got there. That is why I am passionate about helping collegiate, professional and Olympic athletes live as a total athlete while still in their career and empower them to transition from their sport to their new career with direction and purpose. My coaching purpose has always been glaringly clear and incredibly personal to my own journey.

Getting to the athletes I want to serve is yet another part of this process that I am still very much in the thick of. And let me reiterate that…it’s a PROCESS. It doesn’t happen quickly…it rarely does when it’s something of value. Athletes of this caliber are well-protected, and rightly so, because so many people are trying to get something from them. While, yes, I want to be paid for my services, my greatest desire is to help them live as a total athlete now and empower them to continue to thrive when they transition into their next career.

I have been building relationships with those connected to the athletes over time, knowing that trust is a vital component with any individual but especially in this arena. My connections continue to bring more and more doors of connection which I keep walking through. 

Enter patience and perseverance, once again. As much as I would love for there to be a magic door to open with athletes falling at my feet to hire me as their life coach, that is not going to happen.

As much as I would love for there to be a magic door to open with athletes falling at my feet to hire me as their life coach, that is not going to happen.

I was on a live call recently with John Maxwell when he taught about “who luck” which is a concept from Jim Collins’ book Good to Great. He talks about how the greatest luck we have are the people we meet. John went on to say that 90% of that is intentional and 10% is by happenstance. For the people you want to reach, you need to be intentional and go to where they are! And that has been ringing in my ears for months. So I have been taking steps of courage to reach out to people, share my vision and being pleasantly surprised at where those threads are taking me…the NFL, WNBA, NASL, just to name a few…and I just started coaching my very first Olympian this spring! Who knows the doors that will open in the future?

My encouragement to you, whether you are a fellow entrepreneur or someone finding their purpose, is to follow your dream! Just know that it takes a lot of hard work and perseverance.

  • Know that it’s a process…that your business builds daily, not in a day. So keep pressing on.
  • Make sure that you have a support system! I would have quit a long time ago if I didn’t have that. Having the support of your family is a key piece…and if they aren’t supportive, find some friends/colleagues who will be that for you. 
  • I also have an accountability group I connect with on a regular basis who are on this journey, too. They understand, they encourage and they also give the kick in the pants when it’s needed. Make that a non-negotiable.

Keep going. Just keep going. For more information on Amy Snow, check out her website!

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