5ish Steps to Make the Cutest (& Weirdest) Earrings Ever

5ish Steps to Make the Cutest (& Weirdest) Earrings Ever
[Kyla Carneiro]

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Ear pals are the friendliest, funkiest earrings you’ll ever make—and wear! They’re tiny rubber animals you wear on both sides of your ear, giving the illusion that these critters are climbing through your piercing. We know, it sounds gross, but it’s basically the coolest thing ever. Strangers compliment mine every time I wear them, and now you can experience the same adoration.

I got the idea for these earrings after seeing tiny painted animals on Pinterest. I thought they were adorable, but not very useful. That’s when I thought I could turn them into earrings—and that’s exactly what I did next!

The most bizarre part of crafting these friendly ear pals is cutting through the adorable little animals. But just remember they are not real! Time for step one.

What you’ll need:

Step 1. Make a clean, straight cut down the middle of your animals using the razor. You should be mindful of where your animals’ legs begin and end so you don’t end up with the tip of a hoof on your ear.

Step 2. Dab a smidgen of super glue on the now flat sides of the front halves of your animals and hold the stud earring piece firmly against the glue until it dries.

Step 3. This is the step I find the most difficult, but you just got to get the hang of it. Outline a small rectangle in the middle of the flat surface of the back half of your animals. You will then use your razor to slice along these lines. After cutting around the rectangle, angle your razor in so you can cut the bottom and scoop out the chunk of rubber with the razor’s tip to make room for the earring stud.

Step 4. Push the earring backs in the holes to make sure they fit before applying glue. Squeeze two tiny dots of superglue onto the top and bottom of the holes, then shove the studs in, holding them there until the glue dries. Be sure to use just a hair of glue because if there is excess, it could ooze into the bottom and glue the hole in the earring back shut (it happened to me my first try). You might need to widen or lengthen your holes. The studs should fit securely, but the rubber shouldn’t need to stretch to hold them. If the rubber is pulling apart, it will eventually tear.

Step 5. Step four could be the end, but if you choose to paint your earrings, then apply a couple coats until the animals are completely covered, wait for it to dry, then apply a sealant. These come in glossy and matte (I prefer Matte Finish by Krylon) as paints and sprays.

Step 6. Wear your ear pals LOUD & PROUD, because they were made boldly by you.

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