5 Steps to Distressed Furniture

5 Steps to Distressed Furniture
[Katy Horst]

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If you want the farmhouse look without the Pier1 price, you’re not alone. Creating a distressed piece of furniture is much easier than it looks and only requires a few tools to get started.

I actually fell into distressing my furniture because as newlyweds, my husband and I received a lot of used furniture from friends and family. While I was beyond grateful that we didn’t have to pay the big bucks to furnish our new starter home, I was struggling to find a way to make all of these mismatched pieces work together, while also looking updated and fresh.

Living in the country, I knew I wanted my surroundings to mesh with my home decor. I scoured the Internet trying to find a way to create that distressed, rustic look in an easy and effective way, but the only tutorials I could find seemed to drone on forever with what looked like tons of layers of weird paints and hours of work. So, I just went for it. I stopped by the hardware store and bought a can of paint. The rest is home decor history.

What you need to create the look:

The process:

  1. Sand down your furniture to remove any finish that may prevent the paint from easily being soaked into the wood.
  2. Paint your furniture with the color of your choice with as many layers as you feel fit based on how vibrant you’d like the color. (I usually do two layers.)
  3. Once the table dries, take your sandpaper and sand your new layer(s) of paint to create the illusion that the furniture’s paint has been wearing away for decades. Keep in mind that your finished product will look cleaner if you sand along the grain of the wood.
  4. Dust off the paint shavings.
  5. Enjoy!

I couldn’t be happier with the results. Painting my furniture was fast, it brightened up my house and enabled me to update all of the furniture in one fell swoop.

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